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We’ve created so many free resources this year even we have lost track! From Valentine’s rose trackers and bouquet recipe cards to social selling and eMarketing templates, we’ve got something to help out every florist.

So we’ve created this summary of the resources we created this year. Take a look and see if any of them will help your florist.

And the best part. They are completely free! No catches or terms or conditions.

Rose tracker

As Strelitzia’s resident number nerd, I (Amy) get drafted into Flowers by Nattrass every busy period to help with keeping track of the number of stems we have left to sell. Never an easy task!

I create an excel spreadsheet which lists every design we sell combined with a menu of flowers and a second sheet that calculates how the number of bouquets we have sold translates to stem count. This way we can see in advance what we have left of the stems we have bought.

Corporate Rose Sales

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for you to get some corporate sales to compliment your gift sales. They are a great way to get your Valentine’s sales going, as, let’s face it, businesses are more organised than men looking for last minute roses! Unless you’re like our MD Mark, pictured above, whose got his order in at our sister company Flowers by Nattrass already… right Sally?

So, what kind of corporate sales can you look for?

How does Strelitzia work in our florist

One of the most common questions we get from new Strelitzia customers is how we integrate Strelitzia into Flowers by Nattrass’ order taking, product creation and delivery services. So, Amy thought she would take 5 minutes to get it on paper and let you know how we did things Flowers by Nattrass over Mother’s Day this year. Hopefully, it will give you a few ideas!

It turned out to take slightly longer than minutes and included A3 paper and the sharpies we bullied Mark into buying as a ‘back to the office’ present to ourselves. Here is the result and the ‘quick’ explanation:

Mother's Day Facebook social selling guide

Social selling is the new big thing, so now’s the time to get your Facebook page up ready for Mother’s Day! Did you know, flowers are in the top 20 items that people buy on social media? Channels such as Facebook and Instagram are developing new shop features, and it runs on a separate algorithm to the main content you see on your feeds. Meaning you’ve got another opportunity to get your flowers out there!

Mother's Day (or peak) Checklist

It was Mother’s Day in T minus 24 days when we created this checklist to help keep you on track from then to Mother’s Day. But his will work for any Peak. Take a look.

Delivery Calculator

Amy created a Delivery Revenue vs Cost Calculator that allows you to log your revenue taken on delivery charges, and takes this figure away from the monthly cost of running your van. And the result? The average delivery cost needed per order to break even.

Holiday Chart

Keeping up with staff holidays can be difficult, especially during the summer season. Weddings, events, and holiday time!

We’ve created a handy holiday chart so you can keep up with who’s off when, and how many days of the holiday everyone has left.

Hours Chart

Ever got to the end of the week or month and had a panic about who has worked what hours? Strelitzia’s next free resource is a handy Hours Chart, and it’s all yours.

Bouquet Recipe Cards

Do you watch what you and your team put in each bouquet? The urge to put in an extra stem here and there is real, and trust us, we feel your pain. BUT a stem here and a stem there will eat your profit. You might not think much of adding that extra eryngium, but that £2.00 might be the difference between making a profit and breaking even.

eMarketing Templates

Mailchimp is one of the leading platforms for managing email marketing campaigns. It’s a powerful tool that helps you manage and communicate with all your customers, clients, and anyone else in your network. It is the platform that we use here at Strelitzia to keep our customers up to date and in Flowers by Nattrass to increase revenue from our current customer base.

It is really simple to use and here at Strelitzia HQ, we’ll give you help if you need it.

Have we missed sometting?

Then ask us for it!

We create 1 free resource a month so if there is something you would like that would help your business but you’re not sure how to make create it. Let our excel wizard do it for you. just email

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