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Shop and Studio caters to retail florists, streamlining your day-to-day logistics and timely deliveries. Wedding and Events assists wedding florists in organising your workroom and creating detailed proposals for brides. If you need both, Our S&S and W&E packages seamlessly integrate. Optional add-ons include EPOS, turning your computer into a till, Pay for convenient online payments and Go integrates Google Maps for optimised delivery routes and real-time customer notifications.

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Award winning female-led family business

We’re honoured to receive the British Florist Association‘s Service Provider of the Year for 2022 and 2023. Katie, Amy & Mark lead our family-run business, born out of our florist, we are deeply grateful to our customers who are the heart of our success who voted for us to win this prestigious award two years running.

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We're florists too

Strelitzia was created because of a need for software to run our family floristry business, Flowers by Nattrass. There was nothing on the market, so we created our own.

This means we understand the internal workings of your florist, whether you are a retail florist, wedding and events florist or a corporate florist you can tailor our software so it works for you at a price you can afford. Benefiting you, your team and ultimately your customers.

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Strelitzia is now in 7 countries

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100's of florists use Strelitzia

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Create your invoices in less than 5 minutes

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All your deliveries in one place ready to route

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Instantly see your best selling item this week

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Do you know how well your team is performing? Strelitzia will show you

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Run a quick report to see how many roses you sold last Valentine's Day

Fun Facts

A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

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Can't remember how many Holly Wreaths you sold in December last year? Strelitzia will find that out for you!