Strelitzia takes on the core of your business practices, leaving you more time to create, grow and succeed.

Real Solutions, from
Real Florists.

Make more money out of your flowers. We’ll show you how

From how to create an invoice to advice on how to prepare for Christmas, Team Strelitzia are here to help you and your staff.

More time to spend on your flowers

Unify your workroom, save hours of time and make better decisions

Strelitzia will give you back 2 and half hours every day that’s usually spent on admin. Too good to be true? Let us show you how.

Your Business Made Easy.

The industry-leading all-in-one business solution for the florist industry.

Strelitzia takes everything you do on a day-to-day basis and makes it easy. We give you the power to crunch those numbers and monitor how your business is doing.


We Get That Running a Small Business Can Be Lonely

Strelitzia creates a community of florists that you can be part of.

No matter what you do or how you do it, Strelitzia can help. If you run your business on your own or if you have multiple shops and lots of staff, there’s a Strelitzia for you.


We’re Florists Too

Strelitzia was founded in 2006, because of the need to run our florist shop, Flowers by Nattrass, better.

There was nothing on the market to help us, so we created our own. Strelitzia is a family business through and through and we understand what it takes to run a florists.


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Lorna, Fullers Flowers

Princes Risborough, UK

“Although I love nostalgia and obviously a lot of our brand is based on the nostalgic memories of times gone by; when running a successful retail business you have to embrace technology to deliver the service...

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Erica, Erica Berry Flowers

Ilkley, UK

“One of the main reasons for investing in Strelitzia, is that I wanted to be able to build a database to make sure we could market to our customers as well as we possibly could. As well...

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Sally, Flowers By Nattrass

Darlington, UK

“I’ve used Strelitzia in my shop since the beginning. I would be completely lost without it, as the software looks after everything I do from accounts to my database to routing my delivery lists days in...

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Let us show you how it works.

If you want to find out how Strelitzia will transform your florist business, book a free demonstration today.


Fun Facts

Strelitzia is now in 7 countries

Fun Facts

100's of florists use Strelitzia

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Create your invoices in less than 5 minutes

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All your deliveries in one place ready to route

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Instantly see your best selling item this week

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Do you know how well your team is performing? Strelitzia will show you

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Run a quick report to see how many roses you sold last Valentine's Day

Fun Facts

A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

Fun Facts

Can't remember how many Holly Wreaths you sold in December last year? Strelitzia will find that out for you!