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Create proposals that track everything and house all the details in one place, keeping you organised and on the ball. Showcase your expertise and creativity, and build trust with your wedding & event clients.


Pictures, colours, styling, varieties of flowers – make the most out of Strelitzia’s moodboards. Create individual styling for your clients and give them the best insight you can into your creations. No more hunting emails and social media messages for pictures sent by each of your clients with everything in one place.


Provide a secure portal for clients to access updates, collaborate, and stay informed about the progress of their wedding or event. Our client log-in allows the client to process a payment, for their ease and your peace of mind.


Centralise all weddings, events, and appointments for seamless organisation; brides can effortlessly book appointments based on your availability and you can see what’s going on when!


Efficiently work out the logistics of your wedding & events by creating multiple delivery drops and adding detailed instructions. Build a complex delivery list before the day to ensure everything goes to plan.

If you use Strelitzia Shop & Studio, you’ll see all your deliveries in one place, including gift, funeral, wedding, event, corporate, website and relay orders.



Seamlessly process payments within Strelitzia, offering convenience and simplicity for both you and your clients.


Create stem counts for each item in your proposal. Ensure you have the right number of flowers for each arrangement, minimizing waste and maximizing the impact of your designs.


Instantly collate your stem counts into buying lists for individual or multiple events, saving time and reducing errors.


Seamlessly integrate your retail shop and studio operations, enabling smooth transitions between retail and event floristry. One make-up list and delivery list housing everything from funerals, gift, corporate, weddings and events.

Balla Florist

Judi Roche, ballaflorists.com

I’m loving Strelitzia Wedding and Events! I think it’s officially ‘the bomb’. It’s just so professional and so simple when you start using it. I’m going to save myself HOURS of paperwork, and I mean hours. It will also mean I don’t need to be in the shop all the time to do my admin. I’m buzzing, I love it!

Pure Flowers

Chantelle Kennedy, pureflowers.ie

I’m delighted with Strelitzia Wedding and Events! It is everything I hoped for – it is so easy to use and makes wedding quotations a dream. I used to dread writing the formal quotations without the software but now they are so quick. The shopping lists based on the designs will also save me a lot of working out when ordering my flowers, thanks so much Team Strelitzia

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All your deliveries in one place ready to route

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Run a quick report to see how many roses you sold last Valentine's Day

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A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

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