Our Story


Ronnie Nattrass acquired some land in the village of Hurworth in the North-East of England, from the house where he worked as head Gardener. He used it to grow his own flowers and vegetables and sold them from the gate.


Ronnie’s cut flowers became more and more popular with the villagers, so Flowers by Nattrass was founded. Over the next few years, Ronnie grew Flowers by Nattrass with the help of his wife, Dorothy, who kept all the book-keeping in order!


Ron and Dot had a daughter, Sally. Sally grew up in the business and, like her father, fell in love with flowers.


Sally joined Flowers by Nattrass along with her soon to be husband, Mark Bennett. Sally excelled in floristry and started to steer the business towards bigger weddings and events, retail and funeral work.


Flowers by Nattrass is now comprised of 3 shops and 26 members of staff. Things were hectic, and with 3 young children to look after and the business, Sally and Mark needed some software to keep them on track!


After years of trying to find the right software to use in Flowers by Nattrass, Mark hatched a plan with a programmer in the pub one evening. Little did he know, that plan would turn into Strelitzia as it is today.


Strelitzia was founded! Strelitzia was initially built as a computer-based program and worked this way for 12 years. The software was developed through user requests and as a result is completely tailored to the florist industry.


Like everything, software never stands still. Mark and Sally’s daughters, Katie and Amy joined the business and the need to update Strelitzia was identified. The huge task of rebuilding the software on the cloud began!


2 years later, we released cloud-based Strelitzia. This gave our existing florists the freedom to access their businesses anytime and anywhere, along with a modern platform and user experience.


And so it continues! Strelitzia is constantly developing as it has done since the very beginning, and we have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. Keep a lookout for Wedding and Event features, stem counts and so much more! If only Ronnie had known what he started back in 1959…

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A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

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