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Funeral orders that enhance your customer’s experience and increases trust in you at a really difficult time for them. Safely log all details such as the funeral time and delivery time. Choose from a list of your funeral directors, add a tribute with a picture and email a detailed receipt with all the details.

With gift orders, the emphasis is on getting those orders in quickly and selling! Encourage your team (and you!) to increase order values using information such as how much your customer has spent in the past. If the customer has ordered in the past, choose from a list of previous recipients and addresses. Strelitzia will even work out the delivery charge for you and add it to the order total. Prompts such as adding chocolates and wine also helps increase that sale value.


Seamlessly connect your website and relay platforms with Strelitzia. As soon as a customer places an order on your website it whizzes across to Strelitzia, showing instantly on your make-up list and delivery list. When you accept a relay order the same thing happens. Strelitzia will even tag your orders so you can tell the difference between website and relay orders. How good is that?!



Enter in a subscription order once, pay the total off once, and let Strelitzia duplicate the order on the correct days. No need for notes and reminders! With your corporate orders such as weekly reception designs, Strelitzia will create the order for you each week, and put the order on an invoice. All you need to do is look at your make-up list and get creating!


Effortlessly manage address and card message labels with Strelitzia. Use a label printer or print out worksheets with peel and stick labels at the bottom. This saves so much time compared to writing everything out, and reduces grammatical and spelling errors.


Let your florists use our QR codes from your worksheet or make-up sheet. Whether the order is manually inputted by your team, or through our connectors (your website or your relay service) your team just need to scan our QR code with their phone or tablet to see a photo of the design they need to create.


Invoices are tedious and time consuming, with delays in getting them out to your account holders holding up your all important cash flow. How about sending an invoice instantly at the end of creating an order, or all your invoices in around 60 seconds at the end of each month? Look no further! Strelitzia to the rescue.


No need to write out your delivery list again. Once an order is in Strelitzia, it’s automatically on your delivery list! Just choose your van, plan the route and print out your list ready for you or your driver.

Have you seen Strelitzia Go? Use our autoroute function, send an email to your customers letting them know their order is out for delivery, allow your driver to log in on their tablet and mark orders as delivered in real time, and see where your driver is on their route.


Strelitzia Shop & Studio comes with an integrated till. Turn your computer screen or tablet into your till. Link with your gift and funeral order payments, subscription payments and wedding and event payments. Say goodbye to complicated cashing-up and save space with a compact till draw, ideal for smaller shops.

Please note: To use Strelitzia EPOS you will need a Windows Computer.


Every time you enter an order into Strelitzia you’re gathering so much valuable data about your business. Using reports, instantly see how many red roses you sold last Valentine’s Day, see which staff member is selling the highest value orders each week or find out which bouquet was your best seller over the summer. And so much more!

When it comes to marketing, Strelitzia helps you build your marketing database. Target your customers with personalised special offers such as buying for a birthday or anniversary.

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Strelitzia is now in 7 countries

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100's of florists use Strelitzia

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Create your invoices in less than 5 minutes

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All your deliveries in one place ready to route

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Instantly see your best selling item this week

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Do you know how well your team is performing? Strelitzia will show you

Fun Facts

Run a quick report to see how many roses you sold last Valentine's Day

Fun Facts

A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

Fun Facts

Can't remember how many Holly Wreaths you sold in December last year? Strelitzia will find that out for you!