Donna, Flowers by ArrangemenT

 Swansea | Wales

“The system is awesome on its own, I decided to make an investment to make sure we were using it to its full potential, which included the installation of touch screen computers, not essential but certainly better, and replaced my other till with the epos printer and drawer.

“There are only two items in my shop that I could never do without, one is the floracool flower chiller and the other is Strelitzia. Both are essential to the everyday running of our shop.  I could go on forever about the plus points of Strelitzia. Returning customers love the fact that we store their details, not just name and address but what they last purchased, we have had many comments on how professional we are.

“I could honestly say that I can’t be limited to one best feature but the package as a whole and I would never be without Strelitzia.”

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