How much time could Strelitzia save you?

We are all looking to increase our profit margins whilst getting that elusive work/life balance. A few pennies saved here and there makes all the difference and consequently floristry software can be seen as another cost you could do without. Our response: Floristry software saves you time and money making it crucial for your bottom line and in turn, making your life a little easier. Strelitzia will pay for itself and here’s how.

Save 2hrs 25mins daily

Reduce time doing admin and have time to do the real work. Or even take a well deserved day off!

Time is money. That's £22.96

That’s a cost saving per day based on the national minimum wage. And your time is much more valuable!

Meaning you save £410 a month

Even after you’ve paid £50.00 for Strelitzia. Based on 5 working days and a 4 week month. Wouldn’t that be nice!

£4,910 saving per year

Straight to your bottom line. Or just over 24 working days back per annum. What’s not to love?

What would you do with an extra £4,910 and 24 days each year?

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Below we have explained the logic we’ve based the time savings Strelitzia can give you.

This is based on a medium-sized florist on an average working day processing 10 orders.

Prefer to speak to a proper human, who also happens to be a florist?

Receiving Orders

From all different platforms web or relay, all orders come straight into Strelitzia. There is no need to spend 15 mins each morning collating orders from relay and web. They will all be in one place ready to print in 1 click.

Taking Orders

With all your customer information in one place including average spend, past delivery addresses and Royal Mail postcode lookup included. We estimate Strelitzia will save you 4 minutes per order.

With 10 orders a day that’s 40 minutes saved.

Repeat Orders

No need to remember if you have repeat corporate orders or flower subscriptions to make today. Strelitzia’s already done it for you.

That’s 5 minutes you can have back. Every little helps!


Your florists don’t need to waste time reading a number of different order formats depending on where the order has come from. Everything is in 1 format and there is no messy handwriting to figure out.

2 minutes back for every order you create. That’s 20 minutes per day.

Buying flowers

No need to look through each order individually. Strelitzia’s make-up list has everything you need to buy in 1 place. Our QR code will show you what you need to create with any mobile and notes the florist has added will be there for you to see.

Saving you 10 mins each day.


Your till links with your order taking meaning you don’t have to ring each order through your till.

+ 30 seconds per order adds up to an extra 5 minutes every day.

Easy Z reports

All your daily reports are in 1 place ready to cash up quickly and easily.

Another 10 minutes saved. It all adds up!


How long does it take you to rewrite orders into invoices each month? Say 1/2 day (4 hours). Strelitzia will do your invoicing in 10 minutes. it is as simple as 3 clicks. I added the extra 8 minutes to consider the time you’ll take reading the screen to make sure everything inputted by your team is correct.

3hrs 50mins saved monthly. Let’s say that’s 10 minutes per day.

Delivery List

No need to rewrite your orders or import them into a 3rd party delivery app. That saves you a couple of minutes per order.

Meaning an extra 20 minutes each morning.


Routing deliveries

No need to spend time routing your delivery list. Strelitzia’s new delivery app has that down.

Have an extra 10 minutes.

Those minutes really add up!

That is a saving of 145 mins every single day.

That’s 2 hours and 25 mins which adds up to over 24 working days back every year. 

We've calculated this on NMW

So to answer our original question, floristry software will save you time and money

Think of the difference Strelitzia could make to your business.

What would you do with an extra £4,910 per year?

Fun Facts

Strelitzia is now in 7 countries

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100's of florists use Strelitzia

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Create your invoices in less than 5 minutes

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All your deliveries in one place ready to route

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