Meet The Team

Mr & Mrs N opened Flowers by Nattrass 60 years ago & their daughter and son-in-law (Sally & Mark) inherited the business. In 2005 Sally and Mark had been running Flowers by Nattrass for a couple of years. Mr and Mrs N were having a quiet retirement while still making sure everything was running smoothly in the three shops and garden centre.

They’d just experienced a nightmare Mother’s Day. Modernising had meant a new computer system which was fabulous until it crashed 4 days before Mother’s Day. By July they’d (just about) got over the trauma and Mark and Steve (IT specialist, friend and saviour of Mother’s Day) started programming the first version of Strelitzia.

The 12th of February 2006, after promising Sally numerous times Strelitzia would be installed by Valentine’s Day, Mark & Steve installed the first version of Strelitzia. What could possibly go wrong? The answer was thankfully nothing. Mark and Steve had created something pretty special.

Skip 13 years, a lot of updates later and Strelitzia is now working in hundreds of florists across the world. Flowers by Nattrass is still one of the leading florists in Darlington but has reduced its size to one shop.

Flowers by Nattrass & Strelitzia has a couple of new additions; Katie, eldest granddaughter of Mr & Mrs N had joined the businesses as marketeer and florist; floristry really does run in the family. Matt joined the business in 2014 and is now the first stop for all our customers with any enquiries, you may know him as ‘the voice’ of Strelitzia.  Amy, youngest granddaughter of Mr & Mrs N joined in August 2018. She is the first point of call for all new enquiries and unofficial diary reminder service for Mark.

But, the problem with modernising (especially when working with technology) is that it never stops. So, Mark and the development team started developing Strelitzia, from scratch again in January 2018.

This time we have built Strelitzia on the cloud with the latest technology. Giving our florists the freedom to login and see how the shop is doing even when away from the shop, consequently giving them peace of mind everything is running smoothly, so they can enjoy their rare days off. (…although we are still trying to convince Sally a day off is a good idea.)




Mark is constantly looking for new ideas and new ways to improve the software. He is part of your Strelitzia Support, and trains customers until they are fully confident with every part of the software.



Sally works at the heart of it all at Flowers by Nattrass (our florist shop) – she reports back any problems and works with Mark to resolve them and improve the software before you get any updates!



Katie is Strelitzia’s marketing department; she’s the one who posts on facebook & Instagram and writes articles for our blog – if you’ve ever got 5 minutes, say hello!


Customer Service

Matt is always a phone call away and is your first port of call if you need Strelitzia Support – If you have any problems, queries, or just want a bit more training, Matt is there to help!



Amy is the first point of call for all enquiries, she’s always on hand to demo the system and chat about what the system can do for you.

Tilly, Rosie & Pippa

Office Dogs

Tilly, our Labrador, is totally laid back. Hardly anything phases her, and she pretty much goes with the flow. Rosie & Pippa, on the other hand, are a live wires. They keep things interesting with their constant energy; there’s never a dull moment.