Strelitzia Software was born out of the necessity for a professional and easy to use software that could tie in all the aspects of running a florist shop.

In 2005, Mark and Sally Bennett needed a software system for their florist shop, Flowers by Nattrass, based in the North-East of England. There was nothing on the market so they teamed up with their now business partner, Steve Grey, and built their own! To this day Flowers by Nattrass runs along side Strelitzia, testing out new updates to the software, helping the software to grow.

 It took 18 months to build, and in 2006 Strelitzia was finally ready to sell to florists throughout the world. We are now up and running in 100’s of florist shops throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa and America. The team are constantly evolving and changing the software to make sure you get everything you need and more from your one and only florist software solution.