Steve, Beaufort Florist

 Birmingham | England

“We only bought the business a couple of years ago and Strelitzia was already installed when we took over the business so the staff were already using it. This was a great plus for us because it meant we already had a database of information there waiting for us.

“I do a lot of work on the accounts side of the business so for me the best feature is that the account control is made so easy. I can easily see what orders each account customer has and to create and email an invoice takes no longer than a few minutes which is great.

“The team are excellent and they are always very patient with me even when I don’t fully know what I’m doing! I worked in the motor trade for 23 years as part of the Vauxhall Aftersales team so this couldn’t be any more different to that but I have really enjoyed entering the floristry world and Strelitzia has made the transition easier too.”

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