Sharon, colonnade Florist

 Tunbridge Wells | England

“Where to start…..! Strelitzia has made my life so much easier. It is efficient and portrays a very professional impression. I love the accounting, I used to pay someone £40.00 per month to do my accounts so Strelitzia saved me that immediately, without mentioning all the other wonderful things.

“The fact that you can take the order directly onto the system is great; if the customer has sent from us before we have a copy of previous recipients, and most importantly how much they have previously spent. My average order has gone up a lot because of this.

“The delivery system allows you to easily create your delivery lists which is great and the ability to email receipts to customers is a fantastic feature.

“I don’t know why every florist in the land doesn’t have this system; no matter how small your business is, you need it. The money that you pay for the monthly support and system, is nothing, compared to how much it can give you.”

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