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One of the main features of Strelitzia is the order taking part of the software. This involves 5 steps that ensure every member of staff takes all the details you require. There are two types of orders you can take – funeral and gift. This section explains what goes into taking a gift order.

To start click on ‘New Order’ on your navigation panel & the panel seen to the below will appear at the top of your screen.

This section allows Strelitzia to open up the order taking screen with all the correct details. Simply input your order type (gift or funeral) delivery type (delivery, collect or relay), the order date & time and the occasion. Alter to funeral, and Strelitzia will auto populate the occasion and prompt the user to input a funeral time.

The order taking screen will open up.

Customer details

This is vital for collecting data that enables you to market to your customers, especially email addresses. If the customer has previously shopped with you and you have already taken their details, Strelitzia will have kept a record of it. To find their details you do a simple search, select the correct customer and carry on taking the rest of the order.

Recipient details

You can manually fill in the details, or, if the customer has sent the recipient flowers before, the history will be listed. Click on the previous recipient’s name, and their details will automatically fill the boxes, another fantastic time saving feature.

Your delivery charge will be auto-populated from predefined locations based on postcode or town/village you will specify as you setup Strelitzia.

Funeral orders are quick and easy. When you set up Strelitzia, you enter in a list of addresses of funeral directors that you deliver to. It is at this point that that becomes useful, as you can select funeral directors without having to remember the address – it automatically fills it in for you, another fantastic time saving feature.

Product details

Products will appear from a predefined catalogue of gift or funeral products.

You then need to select the item the customer wants, how much they want to spend, and the message they want to put on the card. In the background of the software, you can enter a list of gift products you sell along with the prices, which will appear in this step.

Finishing touches

Within Gift Order the finishing touches pop-up now appears. The box that comes up asks you if the customer wants to add any other products to their order, for example wine, chocolates or a balloon.

This is a great selling tool that really works, as it reminds your staff to ask every customer if they want anything extra.

Your professional and concise final order appears on the screen, and the only thing left to do is process the payment by completing the order.

Your payment goes through your EPOS till, allowing you to process part payments, full payments, cash, card, cheques as well as adding amounts to customer’s accounts, while a workroom copy can be printed for you to work from.

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