Lorna, Fullers Flowers

 Princes Risborough | England

“Although I love nostalgia and obviously a lot of our brand is based on the nostalgic memories of times gone by; when running a successful retail business you have to embrace technology to deliver the service your customers expect.

I was looking for a system that would record the day to day sales as well as log all orders, thereby doing away with our expensive personally printed order books. The staff needed to hand write receipts and then type or email the customer and the worry of not being able to decipher a member of staffs unique ‘shorthand’ and at the end of every day knowing exactly where the money in the till came from made me want to use Strelitzia!

Monthly accounts are now a task of less than half an hour, and that’s only because I insist on checking every order! Before I would take a whole afternoon to get this laborious task completed. My clients love the instant email acknowledgement of their order, we’ve have had feedback from funeral directors that they love being able to print our order and pop it into the folder of the client, leaving no room for error.

The statements of accounts are fabulous and keeping account customers up to date encourages prompt payments. My bookkeeper loves the itemised breakdown and we are more accurate now as it is so easy to click on the right sales tab. All our staff have found it so easy, we have staff ranging from 16 to 50 years old but we received plenty of training and support which makes it all the easier to use Strelitzia.

The cost of implementing this system is a perhaps less than the profit on a couple of bouquets per month, give it a go. I’ll be surprised if you decide it’s not for you after three months.”

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