Ken and Beatrice, Eros Florist

PRETORIA | South Africa

“I think we were amazed at the programmes flexibility to fit into the South African currency and VAT, as well as the speed of installation of the programme to South Africa.

“Our staff have taken to Strelitzia like ducks to water. Our clients love receiving their invoices after placing the order, accountant’s love the fact that they can read the messages, so they know what is happening. This eliminates the miss-use of company funds.

“Eros Florist are able to process orders and later when order numbers are completed, we can add to the work copy and then email the tax invoices for payment, eliminating the paper search. Accounts enquiries are also a breeze as all the information is available within the programme. Clients are paying sooner and sometimes as soon as their invoice is emailed. Keeping tabs on clients “To Pay” is simple.

“Taking an order on Strelitzia makes Eros Florist look professional to our clients, as the order process is not only structured but also slick with an invoice emailed to clients on completion of the order. Statements can be mailed at any time of the month.

“Eros Florist would be lost without Strelitzia in our Business. We have become part of the family and love the interaction with Mark and Judith. Always so accommodating, happy to assist or reinstall the programme to a water damaged laptop!”

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