Christmas Countdown

This webinar took place on Wednesday 20th October, 2021. But don’t worry, we recorded it so you can watch at your own leisure. Click the links below!

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Christmas is looming and with it the to-do lists:

  1. How busy was I last year?
  2. What was my best-selling product last year?
  3. How many wreaths did I sell?
  4. Which day was the busiest delivery day?
  5. Etc etc etc – it’s never ending!

Queue scratching your head, digging out notepads and desperately trying to remember the all-important answers…

…Strelitzia to the rescue!

Team Strelitzia is hosting the first in a line of webinars aimed at helping you with the ‘boring’ stuff. But don’t worry, we’re livening things up with guest speakers letting you in on their secrets when it comes to running a successful florist business.

Our Christmas Webinar will be jam packed full of how to get organised early this year, and we’ve got the fabulous Neil Whittaker from Design Element flowers taking you through how he survives over the florist festive period.  (October – December!!)

I'm a Strelitzia User

If you use Strelitzia, this webinar will show you how to utilise all the tools at your fingertips to help you this Christmas. From planning your buying based on last years sales, to making sure all your products and categories are up to date for your staff to use as selling aids, Amy and Archie will take you through it all.

Got any questions? Submit them to Amy and Archie and they’ll answer them during the webinar.

I don't use Strelitzia

This webinar is still for you! You’ll take away useful strategies on how to maximise your sales this Christmas, and if you’re thinking about using Strelitzia in your business, Amy and Archie will be giving you useful info to make a decision.

Not only that, expert florist Neil Whittaker will be letting you in on his festive secrets to help you and your business this Christmas.

Fun Facts

Strelitzia is now in 7 countries

Fun Facts

100's of florists use Strelitzia

Fun Facts

Accounts: 2 days compared to 2 minutes

Fun Facts

Delivery lists: 30mins compared to 5mins

Fun Facts

Instantly see your best selling item this week

Fun Facts

Best performing member of your team

Fun Facts

Easily find out what products you sold over last year

Fun Facts

A large range of florists use Strelitzia - florists with multiple shops through to florists who work on their own

Fun Facts

Can't remember how many Holly Wreaths you sold in December last year? Strelitzia will find that out for you!