Erica, Erica Berry Flowers

 Ilkley | England

“One of the main reasons for investing in Strelitzia, is that I wanted to be able to build a database to make sure we could market to our customers as well as we possibly could. As well as that I wanted to be able to keep a record easily of what people have ordered previously so we can offer our customers the best service possible.

“Strelitzia has certainly made things a lot easier, at the moment we are still working out how to use the system most efficiently so we can get as much as possible out of Strelitzia. Having the orders online is great for easy reference, we can go back into orders and find orders that have been placed very easily. All the staff are now used to inputting the orders straight away onto the computer, and this has made order taking so much quicker.

“We’re very much looking forward to the new cloud based system that should be out later this year it will make Strelitzia even easier to access and we can’t wait to see all the new features too.”

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