It’s professional and very easy to use, while also linking to your main Strelitzia System. Your computer screen or tablet acts as the front end of your till, while the till draw fits neatly and discreetly below the counter, saving valuable space, especially in smaller shops.

All your products are organised into categories, in an easy to find format. The front end of your EPOS shows categories, for example ‘Bouquets’ and ‘Cut Flowers’, which then open up to show specific products, for example ‘Gerbera’ or a certain type of bouquet.

You have the option of paying by cash, card, and cheque or, if the customer has an account with you, you can put the amount owing onto their account. A receipt will then print out, listing the exact products the customer has bought.

Cashing-up at the end of the day is quick and easy – all you have to do is enter in your end of day float, and the cash, cards and cheques you are putting in the bank. The rest is automated and will work out any errors for you. Simple!

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