Delivery Lists

Simply navigate to 'Delivery' on your navigation panel. The default view is today's make-up page. Once entered your orders will automatically be seen.

The delivery tab shows all the deliveries you have for that day, allowing you to then route them into one list or multiple lists. Using the calendar feature, you can route delivery lists in advance, and view previous lists. Another feature that makes life so much easier is the ability to view an address on Google maps if you are unsure of the exact location.

Deliveries are organised into vans by simply dragging and dropping the order into the required van. You can start doing this as soon as the orders are in the system which makes organising Mother's Day as straightforward as possible.

Once you have sorted your delivery routes, you can then print out a final list or lists that clearly show the name and address of the recipient, any delivery preferences (for example leave in back porch) and exactly what the item is.


If you spend hours, especially during peak periods (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas), sorting your deliveries, then Strelitzia is what you need.

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