October COVID Diary

Published on: Oct 29

Sally from Flowers by Nattrass continues her COVID Diary for October:

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COVID Diaries 1

Published on: Sep 25

Flowers by Nattrass's COVID journey so far. There's been some rather steep downward spirals, but also a couple of highs. Here's their month by month COVID diary so far.

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BFA Vision 2019

Published on: Apr 04

So, Vision is fast creeping up on us for another year so I thought I’d take ten minutes and let you all know what’s happening...

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The scary world of marketing

Published on: Mar 22

Marketing is a word banded around by so many people and everyone makes it sound complicated like an algerbraic equation or something very expensive done by PR agencies...

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Throw Back Thursday

Published on: Mar 14

The internet loves a ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and a couple of posts on my (many) social media feeds got me thinking about what Strelitzia could post to join in.

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