What has been on Matt’s mind this month?


Wow; as I sit writing this blog I cannot help but think back to Valentine’s Day. Well Valentine’s week really. It was all really interesting for me to take in another of the floristry peaks, and to get involved with the Flowers by Nattrass side of the business was great because it let me see the types of things all of our florists would have been getting up to.

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Flowervision’s Annual Market Day


Last weekend Mark and Sally visited Flowervision’s Annual Market Day in London and they had a wonderful time. Not only was the hospitality from Flowervision absolutely first class but it also gave us the opportunity to meet some of the florists that have had Strelitzia in their shops.

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How is Matt getting on after his first three weeks?

New Web

I’m starting this blog on the beginning of my fourth week here at Strelitzia software, thankfully I don’t think I have scared any of our florists off yet, and hopefully I have helped a couple of you. What I do know is that the previous three weeks have absolutely flown over and I feel like I have learnt an awful lot up to now.

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Our First Strelitzia Down-under!

JEM Floral Design Studio

Strelitzia Software is now a world-wide company, with florist shops all over Europe, South Africa and Nigeria and since the end of last month, Australia!

Maike and her team at JEM Floral Design Studio in Perth, Australia, wanted a computer system that would help and aid the day to day running of the shop, and went online in their search for the right software.

Maike came across our website and has never looked back since.

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eFlorist Updates


Steve, our IT Director, has been more than a bit busy over the last few weeks. eFlorist has just released a brand new version of their relay site, and their major site changes meant major re-programming work for us.

Once the main changes were made, we had to do a lot of testing to make sure everything was working as it should be. When instances like this occur, we rely on a select few customers who agree to be testers – we send a new version of the software out to them, they use it and report any problems, or things that could be made easier. In doing this, it ensures when the updates are released to everyone, problems have already been eliminated. A big thanks to Annabel from Acanthus in Dundee and Rachel at Contemporary Flowers in Deal who were our Guinea Pigs this time!

We are pleased to say that Strelitzia is now fully compatible with the new version of eFlorist!