See every aspect of Strelitzia Software for yourself

A free demonstration is a great way to see every aspect of the software in real-time before you decide whether it’s right for you. Mark gives you a ring, logs into your computer at home or in your shop from Strelitzia HQ and you can see how Strelitzia works in our florist shop – Flowers by Nattrass. No need to travel, no need to re-arrange your day – we’ll call at a time that suits you.

All you need is a cup of tea, some biscuits and a spare 45 minutes.

For more information and to book your demonstration, call us now on 01325 722398. Contact us


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Satisfied Customers

Invoicing is a doddle, just a click of a couple of buttons and all invoices are created and sent off. Without Strelitiza I would have a nervous breakdown!
Barbara Millers Florist
I would be lost without it. Strelitzia has transformed my shop processes totally. From easy point of sale ordering, deliveries, client history for upselling, data basing and invoicing.
Ian The Flower Shop
Strelitzia Software is a florist’s best friend; one system can do it all, managing your day to day orders, invoices and marketing.
Moira Flowers by Moira
Ken & Beatrice
We were amazed at the programmes flexibility to fit into the South African currency and VAT, as well as the speed of installation of the programme to South Africa.
Ken & Beatrice Eros Florist
The main great advantage of the Strelitzia system for us is the fact that everything is streamlined.
Mike Bourguignon Floristas
Just click a couple of buttons at the end of the month and all invoices are created and emailed off.
Neil Design Element Flowers