BFA Vision

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So, Vision is fast creeping up on us for another year so I thought I’d take ten minutes and let you all know what’s happening, what you can expect, why we are going and most importantly what you can get out of the weekend.

What is BFA Vision?

Vision is the largest trade conference in the UK & is run by The British Florist Association.

Date: 13th & 14th April 2019 | Venue: Leicester Marriot LE19 1SW

Why should you go to Vision?

This is your chance to speak to other florists in the industry and listen to experts whom will discuss the following issues;

1. Brexit and how it will affect the florist industry
2. The best of British Suppliers
3. How to grow your business
4. How to make your business more profitable
5. Eco-floristry & MailChimp (email marketing) workshops
6. The BFA & how it can aid your business
7. Telling your business story through Social media
8. Best practice

Why is Strelitzia going to Vision?

We go to Vision every year. It’s a great opportunity for us to keep up to date with what is happening in the industry, say hello to our current customers and this year it will give us a chance to show off our new cloud based system!

Although we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little excited about Saturday night’s drinks.

What can you get out of Vision?
Keep you up to date on how external issues, like Brexit, may affect your business
Help you network and gain support from other florists just like you.
Give you fresh ideas on how to run your business.
Practical ideas on how to market your business.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Click HERE for a link to tickets

Throw back Thursday

Strelitzia Team

The internet loves a ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and a couple of posts on my (many) social media feeds got me thinking about what Strelitzia could post to join in.

It turns out it’s hard to fit our story into 140 characters but when I started typing I found it hard to stop. So, I’ve had to share it here instead.

I am sure you are not going to be fooled that every significant event happened on a Thursday, that would be too convenient for this post, but I have picked out a few Thursday’s from over the (many) years to share with you.

Throw back to Thursday 5th February 1959
Ronnie and Dorothy Nattrass (Mr & Mrs N) had been running Flowers by Nattrass for 4 days. It was the ‘scary’ beginnings. They took a grand old total of 7 pounds 14 shillings and 6 pence that week.

Throw back to Thursday 11th April 1985
Okay, so I am guessing on the exact date here, but this was the year Sally Nattrass (Mr & Mrs N’s daughter) and her (to be) husband Mark Bennett started working for Flowers by Nattrass.

Sally was awarded her ICSF this year & started competing at the highest level of floristry. It seems floristry ran in the family. It only took her 4 more years to gain her NDSF.

Throw back to Thursday 7th July 2005
Sally and Mark had been running Flowers by Nattrass for a couple of years. While Mr and Mrs N were having a quiet retirement making sure everything was still running smoothly in the three shops and garden centre.

They’d just experienced a nightmare Mother’s Day. Modernising had meant a new computer system which was fabulous until it crashed 4 days before Mother’s Day. By July they’d (just about) got over the trauma and Mark and Steve (IT specialist, friend and saviour of Mother’s Day) started programming the first version of Strelitzia.

Throw back to Thursday 9th February 2006
On this date Mark was convincing a very sceptical Sally the new system would be ready for Valentines… (?)

But true to his word; on the 12th February 2006 Mark installed Strelitzia into Flowers by Nattrass. What could possibly go wrong? The answer was thankfully nothing. Mark and Steve had created something pretty special.

Throwback to Thursday 5th January 2018
Skip 12 years, a lot of updates later and Strelitzia was now working in hundreds of florists across the world. Flowers by Nattrass was still one of the leading florists  in Darlington but had reduced it’s size to one shop.

Flowers by Nattrass & Strelitzia had a couple of new additions (well not so new by 2018). Katie, eldest granddaughter of Mr & Mrs N had joined the businesses as marketeer and florist. Floristry really does run in the family. Matt joined the business in 2014 and is now the first stop for all our customers with any enquiries, you may know him as ‘the voice’ of Strelitzia.

But… the problem with modernising (especially when working with technology) is that it never stops. So. Mark and the development team started developing Strelitzia, from scratch again.

This time we built it on the cloud with the latest code. So our florists can have the freedom to login and see how the shop is doing even when away from the shop. Giving them peace of mind everything is running smoothly so they can enjoy their rare days off. (I’m still trying to convince Sally a day off is a good idea)

Today 14th March 2019
I can think of a few insults for the Bennett’s but followers of the crowd is not one of them. However in August of 2018 I did exactly that and joined the businesses. I am Amy, youngest granddaughter of Mr & Mrs N. I am the first point of call for all new enquiries, unofficial diary reminder service for Mark, new system bug tester and chief eyes roller at brides (rose gold roses aren’t a thing.. yes look again.. they’re silk flowers on Pinterest…)

That’s our little story. Way more than 140 characters and but I hope you have enjoyed. Not a bad legacy for Mr & Mrs N hey!

The new system will be released after Mother’s Day. We’re really excited! If you could like to check it out please give us a ring on 01325 722398 & I’ll put some time in the diary for your own personal tour.

GDPR Advice


The information and advice available on the GDPR legal requirements coming into play on the 25th May 2018 is enough to make your head spin.

For those of you that don’t know, the GDPR is regulations on how you collect, store and use your customer data. It’s important to note that this is not a new data protection obligation. It replaces and mirrors the previous requirement to have ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’ under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the 1998 Act).

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Mike Bourguignon returns for the second of his blogs!

Shop 1

Last week we brought you Mike Bourguignon’s first blog with Strelitzia in which we spoke to him about his background, his florist shop in Madrid and how he manages that with his role at Florint too. This week we’re bringing you the second edition of Mike’s blog and this time he speaks a little more in depth about his shop and website and what the main differences are between British and Spanish florists!

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“Our Florist” – Mandy, Sonning Flowers

160204 Sonning Flowers

In the latest edition of ‘Our Florist’ we are taking a trip to Reading to speak with Mandy of Sonning Flowers. Mandy is the latest florist to feature in our series of blogs and we hope you’ll find her story interesting. She certainly has a unique view of one of the biggest sporting events in the UK each year so keep reading to find out more!

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What do Strelitzia’s florists think of the delivery list feature?


One of the feature’s that Strelitzia’s customer’s love the most is the ‘Delivery List’. “Before we had Strelitzia we printed an excel spreadsheet and the driver had to write all the details in. If you could see his handwriting! Well I don’t need to say anything else!” Sound familiar? Well this was the first thing that Mandy from Sonning Flowers in Reading had to say about Strelitzia’s delivery list. Continue reading