Conservatory Florist – Blog 1: Demonstration and Install


In our latest feature we are going to be spending a little bit of time with Ian from Conservatory Florist over the course of the next year or so. We thought it would be a good idea to document Ian’s journey with Strelitzia from how he first discovered Strelitzia through getting it installed and then following how he manages with the system through his first year.

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Heidi Lawley takes 5 minutes to speak to Strelitzia in our latest blog!

West Malling - Heidi Wedding Bouquet

In the latest edition of ‘Our Florist’ we heard from Nikki Meader, the boss of award winning West Malling flowers. Well today we bring you the second edition of that blog, this time hearing from one of Nikki’s talented florists, Heidi Lawley.

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IFTF Aalsmeer – Strelitzia is going Dutch! (and German, French and Spanish)


Strelitzia has been available to use in multiple different languages for a while, but only now are we really starting to find our feet in the European market. At the beginning of November, we exhibited at the International Floriculture and Horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF) in Holland, our first major trade show outside of the UK. We had a fantastic response from lots of different florists, wholesalers and growers about our software and we’ve got some interesting projects in the pipeline (watch this space!).

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Flower Council of Holland’s latest trends


The Flower Council of Holland has just released the latest four trends that we should be taking note of. They were showcased at FleurEx last month and believe me, you want to pay attention. Whether you’re thinking of re-vamping your shop in the New Year or are looking for new and exciting styles and designs to sell to your customers, pick one of these fabulous trends and run with it!

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