Meet Amy, the latest Strelitzia recruit

Amy blog

As many of you know, Strelitzia is a family affair. Mark and Sally founded the company back in 2006, with their daughter Katie joining in 2014. Now, their youngest daughter Amy is on board. Read on to see why she joined the company, her visions for the future, and, of course, her favourite flower:

What’s your background – what did you study at Uni, and what has your career involved up to now?

I went to Loughborough Uni to study Retailing and Marketing Management. During my course I did a placement year at Petty Wood, a grocery business selling and marketing to everyone from corner shops to Tesco.

Once I completed Uni I was offered a role as Brand Manager at Petty Wood. I accepted so for a time I managed five world food brands focussed on the supermarkets. I spent 3 years in total at Petty Wood moving to their New Product Development team creating new brands for Supermarkets shelves.

Last Year I moved on to Greene King where I managed all customer communication and PR for 131 pubs. I have plenty of stories of regulars and the staff (mainly the staff…) in unfortunate calamities, however the pub trade wasn’t for me; I’ll stick to buying a round or two.

Why did you join Strelitzia?

I have grown up in the family florist shop creating bouquets, cleaning buckets and helping to deliver weddings. I will never make a master florist (I’ll leave that to Mum) but I loved being in the shop and, as corny as it sounds, talking to customers and seeing my arrangements make their day.

In my other roles I lost this enjoyment and thought it was about time I found it again.

What are your visions for the future of Strelitzia?

The new system is in the later stages of development and it is so exciting. All order information is on one screen and we have an EPOS system which will work no matter how temperamental the WiFi decides to be. It is going to be brilliant so watch this space!

Yet there is so much more we can do; Our vision is to evolve Strelitzia into the one stop shop for all florist business management needs. Our customers know all about floristry; they are the experts but we can help behind scenes on everything from business plans to the confusing world of marketing.

How do you think florist’s businesses benefit from Strelitzia?

To take a step back, I do a lot of hiking. The perfect coat was once described to me as a ‘forgettable essential’, i.e. it works so well you can ignore it and get on with what matters; getting to the top of that mountain. I think the same is true of Strelitzia. The system does everything a florist would do anyway just faster and more efficiently, leaving them the time to do the real work.

Your favourite flower?

It changes.. a lot.. but I always come back to Hydrangeas.

Favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Climbing or hiking up mountains. Whether it be The Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, Snowdonia or the Alps, the feeling at the top is only beaten after you descend and get the first drinks in.


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