Update from Mark


I hope you’re all gearing up for a super busy bank holiday, but not so busy there’s not time for the odd drink or two!

Here at Strelitzia, it’s been a crazy few months, and we re-launched at BFA Vision Business Conference with our brand-new logo, and the first sneak-peak of our new software. It was so great to see so many like-minded florists at what was, the best Vision conference yet.

Thank-you for your ongoing support in Strelitzia; believe me, it’ll be worth it! I’ve been tucked away in a darkened room creating the frame-work for the programmers to start on the rebuild. 12 years-worth of software takes a lot of mapping out…

We announced last week that we’re working with website company floristPro to undertake the rebuild of Strelitzia. I want to stress that we are not merging with floristPro, we are simply working with their programming team. This will save us 3-4 months of work compared to finding a new team of programmers, as they already understand the florist industry and what we are trying to achieve. We’ve had a couple of questions about this from people who have websites with different companies. Strelitzia is remaining purely independent, and this is not about to change any time soon.

As we get closer to launching the new software, we’ll be getting in touch to invite you to view the platform. Exciting times ahead! Here’s an example of where we’re heading:


That’s it from me, have a fabulous weekend.