RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018

RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year 2018

At this year’s RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year competition 3 out of the 16 competitors were Strelitzia users:

The brief this year was to create a Spring Wedding Throne, and the official schedule states that fresh flower and/ or plant material must be visually dominant and make up at least 2/3 of the finished design. There was also a nod to designs being eco-friendly.

Here are the competitors and information about their amazing thrones:

Deborah Gough from Plantation Florist: Silver Guilt Medal

“My throne is spring like and natural. It’s built out of wood, and I wanted it to feel like it was growing out of the ground.

“It’s my second Chelsea experience, and the atmosphere this year is amazing.”

Victoria Antoinetta Clemson: Bronze Medal

“My inspiration came from spring colours with a regal air, hence the use of purple and lily of the valley. The shape and style of the throne came from the Parliament Throne.

I competed in Chelsea last year and loved it (I won Chelsea Florist of the Year 2017), and this year was no different. The Throne brief meant that my piece was on a much bigger scale, so it challenged me in different ways.”

Sian Johnson from West Malling Flowers: Bronze Medal

“I worked on the structure first, and then created a cushioning effect using my flowers. I then used wire to replicate the wood carving details you find on thrones.

“I went with a pastel colour scheme, as to me that reflects spring gardens and meadows. An outdoors wedding was where a lot of my ideas came from.”

West Malling reviews Strelitzia

Fancy taking part in Chelsea 2019? The BFA are holding heats from June to September this year.

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