BFA Vision 2017


The Strelitzia team were out of the office last weekend, visiting BFA Vision 2017. It was a fantastic weekend, with so many inspirational speakers with reams of useful information to help florists run their businesses better.

The weekend kicked off with a workshop led by Tim Huckabee, President of Floral Strategies, followed by a cocktail party and a three-course dinner, giving us the chance to mingle with florists and companies such as Florismart, FloristPro, Chrysal, Country Baskets and Direct2Florists.

The Sunday proved to be a huge success with 8 speakers on topics ranging from British Flowers to Brexit, shop display to social media. If you weren’t there you really did miss out. Jonathan Moseley started to educate us on the seasonality of British Flowers and it was incredible to see all the varieties that he grows and works with. Gerben from the grower Lilies of Life gave us the interesting back story of the lilies that he grows and the unique varieties that are available, while Helen Goodwin gave us lots of useful hints and tips on how to display in our shops. John Young from the Bank of England gave an interesting and amusing (yes, really!) talk on the economy and what Brexit might mean for our industry, and Jonas  Zwitserlood explained how to use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest effectively.

Tracy Tomlinson and Brian Wills-Pope finished the day with a round-up of everything the BFA have been doing and are doing for the industry – and believe us its lots! Keep an eye out on the BFA emails for exciting news about upcoming events.