Database building and using Mailchimp to market to your customers.


One of the most important and most valuable things for any shop to have is a database. In fact it could well be argued that a good database is the most valuable thing you can have. This is something that Strelitzia will do automatically for you.

For every order that you put into the Strelitzia system, Strelitzia will prompt you to take the customers details; emails, address & phone number, this means every time you’re taking an order you’re increasing your database.

Once you’ve got a database this will then allow you to market direct to your customers with information that you know is correct and up to date because you’ve collecting it every day.

It is so important to market direct to your customers, and it so much easier to persuade a returning customer to purchase something than it is a new customer!

Once you’ve got your database using a programme such as Mailchimp is a brilliant way to market to your customers. Mailchimp allows you to send detailed emails, with fancy pictures and links back to products on your website. This means you can direct the traffic on your website to exactly where you want it. Whether you’re trying to sell a particular product or advertising your Mother’s Day range, you can send the customer to exactly where you want them on your website.

Strelitzia’s customers know how important this is and how Strelitzia can help you out, it was one of the major reasons Ian from Conservatory Flowers joined Strelitzia, he said: “We knew that we needed to have our own database of clients so we could market much better to them and we knew we had to plan ahead for the future. After reading a couple of the testimonials on Strelitzia’s website it made sense to call and have a chat.” 

Nikki from West Malling Flowers had similar thoughts before she joined Strelitzia and she said: “I knew that the business needed something to help streamline paperwork & to move the shop forward. I thought taking orders and building a database was an ideal place to start” 

It’s impossible to state just how important it is to not just have a database but to actually use it too! So if you want to start building your database why not find out about Strelitzia with a free demonstration, and get in contact today. 

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