Ian from Conservatory Florists blogs about his first peak with Strelitzia!


Ian from The Conservatory Florist blogs about his first ‘peak’ with Strelitzia and how much it helped over the Christmas period.

It’s just over a week away until Valentine’s Day now and I know all you florists will be gearing up for one of the busiest days of the year. But seeing as though it’s the weekend why not take 10 minutes to have a sit down and read Ian’s blog below.

Ian started using Strelitzia shortly after Mother’s Day last year so his first peak period using Strelitzia was Christmas. What did he think of Strelitzia and how did it go? Read below to find out!

“We’ve been using the Strelitzia system since just after Mother’s Day in 2016, so we’re coming up to a year now. We knew that we needed to have our own database of clients so we could market much better to them and we knew we had to plan ahead for the future. After reading a couple of the testimonials on Strelitzia’s website it made sense to call and have a chat. 

“Once you hear about all of the features that Strelitzia has to offer, such as the link with your website & Interflora too, as well as everything else it was a bit of a no brainer.

“It didn’t take us long at all to get used to using Strelitzia and it’s definitely made us more organised as a company. It can be a little tricky at first to get the information from your customers and it seemed a little slow, but now it’s even quicker than writing the orders down. It’s just a click of a few buttons and we’ve got the customers details and everything we need.   

“We’ve just had our 1st peak with Strelitzia this Christmas ????. It’s allowed us to give amazing customer service! Customer’s that use us throughout the month and at Christmas to decorate large venues got everything delivered on time and when they needed things. 

“By using the Delivery List feature we could create driver manifests for each driver. They covered two areas each, so we could have three vans on the road all the time. It made deliveries much quicker and streamlined our shop so we could focus on walk in customers. Our contract work was delivered on a timed delivery and it was all due to the very well thought out Strelitzia system. 

“Before we used Strelitzia all our orders were taken on pad of paper with very little information and not always the right post code, plus we did not ever get both the customer and recipient’s information. It was chaos most of the time. Strelitzia has allowed us to do more deliveries this year compare to last year and all the deliveries were done at least two hours earlier than previous years. 

“If I could give some advice to other florists it would be don’t think about it just do it, just get Strelitzia! It’s all about time you can spend with customers, Strelitzia gives you that but you only get out what you put in! And I would recommend this to any florist, big or small. It’s worth it!”