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Check out our latest blog with details of our latest offers ahead of Valentine’s & Mother’s Day!

Christmas might be out of the way but that doesn’t mean it gets any quieter with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day just around the corner. I’m sure you’re all well underway with your preparations and redesigning your windows and just because we love all you florists so much we’re going to help you out too.

We know that Strelitzia can make your life easier, save you so much time and generally lower your stress levels at these peak periods, but just to try and make things even better we have a couple of wonderful offers at the moment.

If you’re a BFA member we’re giving you Strelitzia half price for your first three months on the system and we’ll also give you a free cash drawer and receipt printer that works perfectly with Strelitzia’s EPOS system. That’s an amazing saving of over £200.

If you’re thinking of joining the BFA (which you definitely should because they’re doing amazing things at the moment!!) this offer is essentially going to pay for your first year’s membership. Country Baskets are sponsoring all new members to join the BFA at the moment, so when you sign up use code CB50 and you’ll get half price membership for your first year. That means the price is just £40. With Strelitzia being half price for your first three months, a saving of £20 per month, it becomes a no brainer! Join the BFA Strelitzia helps you pay for your BFA membership in the first two months and you still get a free cash drawer and receipt printer.

BFA Adver 2t


So what are you waiting for? Arrange your free demonstration with Strelitzia and we’ll show you exactly how we can help! (Click here to join the BFA today!)

For those of you who aren’t BFA member, don’t worry, we’re still going to give you the cash drawer and the receipt printer! Call us on 01325 722398 or send an email to:

tilldraw and receipt printer