Mike Bourguignon returns for the second of his blogs!

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Last week we brought you Mike Bourguignon’s first blog with Strelitzia in which we spoke to him about his background, his florist shop in Madrid and how he manages that with his role at Florint too. This week we’re bringing you the second edition of Mike’s blog and this time he speaks a little more in depth about his shop and website and what the main differences are between British and Spanish florists!

It’s a great read so take a break, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy; over to you Mike.

“They are a couple of major differences between British and Spanish florists and the industries in each country but mainly supermarkets and the internet. British florists have huge competition that Madrid does not have. Of course this helps in two points. The first is that florists in the UK always need to be on top of their game. This makes florists in Madrid more comfortable because consumers need to go to florists to buy flowers. 

“Culturally it is also extremely different. Flowers play a very important part of British society, especially because of the climate. People in Spain, or Madrid, spend most of the time outside and society meets outside. It’s more of a restaurant culture and hence gifting has a very different meaning. Style wise, though, vintage is very, very in style, and many florists look at British florists, especially London florists, for their inspirations. 

“Moving on to our website I think one of the most important messages when you’re creating products for your website is to let your team just create their own products. The second is that every time they think they have finished is to take a picture on their phone. If they are not happy with how the product looks on the picture, they will redo it. What we see as a florist is so different on a photograph. So please look at the photo perspective. 

“It’s really easy to take good pictures too, we don’t spend a penny on any studios. The pictures are done with an ok camera behind our shop. Just be creative and set the scene. We chose a cement backing because it contrasts. Plus, grey is perfect because it’s a neutral colour. 

“Our best sellers are seasonal but the most visited online product is peonies. Our best sellers in the autumn are hydrangeas, tulips in early spring, and peonies in summer. Our average shop order is about 90€. Online it’s 60€. However, what we offer online is free delivery because online consumers have been used to amazon’s free delivery option and look for this option. However, taking this option out, they are very much the same. 

“A website is a new shop. Treat it as one. It is not an extension of your shop. So invest in it. Furthermore, it will take at least a year and a half of constant developing for your website to go a long way. You need patience and stamina, but consumers are there, not necessarily on the high street. 

“It’s important to market direct to your customers too. We send out a newsletter every 2 weeks. Our online visits sky rocket and the phones get busier! We send it out on Wednesday because this is our quietest day of the week. So this does help a lot!  A good newsletter and growing database is essential. Strelitzia Software makes it easy for us to gather emails in the shop and also make it easy to sign up to your newsletter on your website. We use Mailchimp for designing emails as the tools and analysis are amazing. 

“Blogs are secondary areas that really increase our visits. We concentrate on three areas: decoration, information about flowers, and care. We change each of these three areas every month because every month we have a new flower of the month. The Flower Council of Holland is the best information place you can have and they have incredible photos and information you can use! Don’t copy and paste it. Google hates this. Take that information and mould it to your shop and your own inspiration.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed Mike’s blogs (Click here for Mike’s thoughts on Strelitzia in his first blog!) and I think you’ll agree this blog, especially, gives a fantastic insight into how he runs his shop and the work he puts into his website. Hopefully Mike has inspired you all but for a bit more inspiration why not take a look at his website: https://www.bourguignonfloristas.es/