“Our Florist” – Mandy, Sonning Flowers

160204 Sonning Flowers

In the latest edition of ‘Our Florist’ we are taking a trip to Reading to speak with Mandy of Sonning Flowers. Mandy is the latest florist to feature in our series of blogs and we hope you’ll find her story interesting. She certainly has a unique view of one of the biggest sporting events in the UK each year so keep reading to find out more!

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What do Strelitzia’s florists think of the delivery list feature?


One of the feature’s that Strelitzia’s customer’s love the most is the ‘Delivery List’. “Before we had Strelitzia we printed an excel spreadsheet and the driver had to write all the details in. If you could see his handwriting! Well I don’t need to say anything else!” Sound familiar? Well this was the first thing that Mandy from Sonning Flowers in Reading had to say about Strelitzia’s delivery list. Continue reading