Daniels Blumenstudio: ‘From sceptic to convinced user’

pic of marcel

Before I talk about our present successes with Strelitzia, I have to go back a short while as for us there was a time before Strelitzia. A little over a year ago we were looking for a new EPOS system for our flowershop that would satisfy our requirements and meet the new guidelines from the tax office. After a while we found a well-known provider that reasonably provided what we needed. Because I did not know better, we invested a high 4-figure sum for the hardware, software plus a maintenance contract. This cost us a decent amount each month. In general we like to invest money in things that help us to facilitate the daily work. The sad thing about the software solution was that we weren’t 100% happy with it. It was much too complicated and cluttered. My staff waited on hold to the ‘Help Hotline’ almost weekly and that’s not how we imagined it. The EPOS system should save us time and not cause more work!

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