“Our Florist” – Anna from Rosina May Flowers

Rosina May 2

Follow one of our florists journey from the first time they heard of Strelitzia to months after having it installed!

‘Our Florist’ is back after a little summer break! And for this edition we have slightly revamped the format for a special insight into one of our more recent customers and their journey from thinking about Strelitzia, to the installation and the training of the system.

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Video Marketing


If it were five years in the future, would you still be reading this article, or would you be watching it? That was a very interesting question from a recent article in the Guardian about video marketing.

Video marketing is fast becoming one of your most important tools to capture your audience and generate more sales, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. For a start you don’t even need a video-recorder. All you need is your smart phone. Apps such as Vine make video marketing so accessible, instantly posting things to your twitter and facebook accounts. Download it from your app-store and give it a go.

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