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Through our blogs and newsletters we try and bring you interesting and informative pieces of information, not just about Strelitzia but also about different ways to market your business. We also try to inspire our florists, we’ve had blogs from Katie about how important displays are and how you can use social media to let people know about your business.

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Here is Matt’s latest ramblings!


It’s that time of the month again were you lucky lot get to read my ramblings! Since I last wrote we have had another ‘peak’, which was really interesting for us in the office and for Flowers by Nattrass. It has been a good start to the year with Strelitzia, which has included installing our first American florist and completing demonstrations right up to Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Let’s hope that continues through the summer!

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Life after eflorist


We’ve been doing a lot of moving and shaking lately where Flowers by Nattrass is concerned. A year ago we shut our second shop situated in the town centre, to focus on our main shop and wedding and event work. This was the first massive decision, and it’s paid off.  Foot-flow in the town-centre was steadily declining, along with the fact the council was making it harder and harder for people to park without breaking the bank.

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