What did Steve from Beaufort Florists have to say about Strelitzia?

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This week we are taking a trip to the Midlands and to the countries second city, Birmingham, to pay a visit to Steve Keeney and his wife Sue who own and run Beaufort Florist. This week’s blog is probably the most unusual to date as Steve has spent the majority of his life outside the floristry business, until only last year in fact when he and Sue took over the running of their shop – Beaufort Florist.

Now running a successful and thriving business Steve tells us all about his career change and how he came to end up running a florist business. As always we hope you enjoy the blog and if you would like to feature please get in touch!

What made you install Strelitzia into your shops?
“We only bought the business just over a year ago and Strelitzia was already installed when we took over the business and the staff were already using it. This was a great plus for us because it meant we already had a database of information there waiting for us.” 

“We have owned the business for just over one year now; my wife Sue is a florist and has been working here for the past 4 years. Her background is in the florist trade whereas mine is much different. I worked in the motor trade for 23 years as part of the Vauxhall Aftersales team so this couldn’t be any more different to that!”

How did your staff cope?
“As Strelitzia was already installed when we took over the business the staff were already using it and up to speed with how it worked. If anything it was me that needed to get to grips with the software, the rest of the team were fine with it.”

What is the best feature of Strelitzia?
“I do a lot of work on the accounts side of the business so for me the best feature is that the account control is made so easy. I can easily see what orders each account customer has and to create and email an invoice takes no longer than a few minutes which is great.”

How do you find Strelitzia support?
“I have found that the support offered by Strelitzia is excellent and they are always very patient with me even when I don’t fully know what I’m doing!”

And, anything else you would like to add?
“I have really enjoyed entering the floristry world and Strelitzia has made the transition easier too. I have many favourite things about being a florist now, but the main one is definitely that that every day is different and it certainly keeps me on my toes.”