What has been on Matt’s mind this month?


Wow; as I sit writing this blog I cannot help but think back to Valentine’s Day. Well Valentine’s week really. It was all really interesting for me to take in another of the floristry peaks, and to get involved with the Flowers by Nattrass side of the business was great because it let me see the types of things all of our florists would have been getting up to.

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Staff Motivation

Nattrass Flower Photography

A quick google of ‘how to motivate your staff’, and the usual American-style commercial tripe appears, Employee of the Month being the most prominent. But who really wants a badge stating how good at their job they are pinned to themselves for all the customers to see? I certainly wouldn’t. Which is why I think motivating your staff isn’t as hard as you might think.

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What did Steve from Beaufort Florists have to say about Strelitzia?

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This week we are taking a trip to the Midlands and to the countries second city, Birmingham, to pay a visit to Steve Keeney and his wife Sue who own and run Beaufort Florist. This week’s blog is probably the most unusual to date as Steve has spent the majority of his life outside the floristry business, until only last year in fact when he and Sue took over the running of their shop – Beaufort Florist.

Now running a successful and thriving business Steve tells us all about his career change and how he came to end up running a florist business. As always we hope you enjoy the blog and if you would like to feature please get in touch!

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