Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Marketing3

In this run up to Christmas we wanted to show off our florists, their arrangements and some of their fantastic window displays. When we asked our florists if they wanted to send us their pictures we did not know what to expect really.

However, we should never have doubted our florists and the response has been fantastic. We’ve got some really great pictures from our florists and we hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we have!

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Matt’s November Blog

Poppy Feature

As we come towards the end of another month and approach Christmas, which is now less than four weeks away (can you believe that?!) I ask myself, where does the time go? It seems like only two minutes ago I was turning up for my first day at Strelitzia and it is safe to say, that two months later, time is flying by.

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“Our Florist” – Helen Amaryllis

Amaryllis Blog Feature Image

From Greasy Car Garages to Beautiful Wedding Arrangements.

The concept behind starting our own newsletter was for a number of reasons really; we wanted to do something that would not just provide you with information about Strelitzia but something that was fun, interesting and above all inspiring. We have tested the water with blogs from a number of our florists and the popularity of this has made us believe that our new feature will tick all the right boxes.

‘Our Florists’, as we have so originally called this feature, will give an opportunity every month for one of our florists to entertain, inspire and reveal all kinds of information about themselves and their shop. We have a lot of great florists using Strelitzia and are keen to use them for inspiration to all our other florists in The Strelitzia Network.

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What did Tony from Designer Flowers by Rodgers have to say about Strelitzia?

Designer Flowers by Rodgers

Up next in our weekly feature is Manchester based Tony Rodgers who runs and owns Designer Flowers by Rodgers alongside his family. Established since way back in 1911 the Rodgers family have been synonymous with flowers and florists in Manchester for many generations, developing from market gardeners to wholesalers and to full retail florists.

Tony’s blog gives a real insight into how Strelitzia helps him and his staff run their shops and is a very interesting read. Don’t forget that next week will see the second issue of The Strelitzia Element sent out and if you would like any of your Christmas arrangements or displays to be featured within then to send your pictures over, in the meantime enjoy Tony’s blog!

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What did Helen from Amaryllis Floral Design have to say about Strelitzia?


In the next instalment of our popular new feature, we take a trip to West Yorkshire to find out how Strelitzia has helped Helen at Amaryllis Floral Design. Helen is a fairly new member of the Strelitzia network of florists, having only installed the system six months ago, in May. But, since then, Helen and her team have taken a shine to the software.

You may remember Helen supplied us with a wonderful photograph of her Halloween display and has promised us an even more spectacular Christmas display, so that is something to look forward to in the November edition of ‘The Strelitzia Element.’ In the meantime we hope you enjoy Helen’s blog, which gives a fascinating insight in to how her florist is run.

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What did Richard from Fishlocks have to say about Strelitzia?

fishlocks testimonial

In the third instalment of our brand new feature, in which our florists get to write a few words about how we are doing, we take a trip to Liverpool to speak with long time member Richard Moore. Richard owns Fishlocks, which is a busy florist shop situated in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

Richard has been using Strelitzia for many years now and as you will see from what he has wrote is a big fan of what we offer. Richard also talks about one unsavoury situation with one particular member of staff so please have a read of his blog, it’s well worth a few moments of your time!

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