New manual for iMac users!



A new toy arrived in the office last week, an Apple iMac. This was cause of great excitement amongst the team, with everyone wanting to have a play. Mark, however, kept it boxed and covered (hidden) until his grand unveiling, or simply because he wanted to play first!

In all seriousness, Apple and their products have never been so popular with our florists, and with Strelitzia being a Windows based software program this has been causing us a headache or two. While we have already got companies who are running Strelitzia on their Apple iMac’s, we have never had the opportunity to install it ourselves and understand how it works.

Now, we have got Strelitzia installed and fully functioning on our iMac and will be able to help any of our customers that come across problems or want to use Strelitzia in conjunction with their iMac. While we are not experts, just yet, we have developed a handy manual, which talks through the process of installing Strelitzia and how you can start using our software on your iMac.

Unfortunately, as of yet Strelitzia is not compatible for your iPad or iPhone, although this will happen at sometime in the future once Windows and Apple have arranged a collusion.

This is a huge step forward for us in the office as it now enables us to understand how to incorporate a Windows system on your iMac and also be able to help any customers that prefer an iMac to a PC; so if you come across any problems please get in touch and we will do all we can to help you out. In other words, we just want an excuse to play on our shiny new toy.