Important information regarding software updates.

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Strelitzia will be running an important update at the beginning of next week, most likely Tuesday morning, 7th October. It would be helpful if on Tuesday morning you log on to Strelitzia as Admin. This update is essential to improve the communications between Strelitzia and Roots, and will improve the overall performance of Strelitzia.

The update will move Strelitzia on to V2.0.16. Another essential aspect of the update is to update a Microsoft product called Microsoft Framework. Currently Strelitzia runs on version Microsoft.netfx.3 and this update will move that onto Microsoft.netfx.4.5.

In the majority of cases when you reopen Strelitzia on Tuesday morning, Strelitzia will automatically update both itself and Microsoft Framework, however in some cases you will be prompted to confirm the update. If this does happen you must confirm the update to allow the update to take place.

If you have any trouble please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will be here to help.


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