Strelitzia Support

erosWe have a great support network available, so when new customers sign up for the Strelitzia system, they are not on their own. After installation, Mark and Judith will be available to do regular training 2 or 3 times a week and be available for as long as required. Even after the initial training period is over, support is available for refresher training, quick reminders on areas you are unsure of or if it is a technical issue to do with Strelitzia, then Steve our IT director is always available.

Eros Florist based in South Africa sent the following comment after requiring some support:

Thanks for the assistance. The more you work with Strelitzia the more amazed I become with the system. such a powerful program!

Plus Bev at The Ashton Flower Shop made the following comment:

Excellent support always from Judith, Mark (and I’m sure the rest of the team).  Always friendly and helpful they sort out any issues as soon as possible.

For a FREE online demonstration of our LIVE Strelitzia system, please call us on 01325 722398 to book a suitable time.